Benjamin Patterson

Benjamin Patterson (b. 1934 in Pittsburg, PA; lives and works in Wiesbaden, Germany) is a canonical figure in the genesis and history of black performance art. He is a classically trained musician and composer who is best known as a founding member of Fluxus, an avant-garde and experimental group born out of the innovation and creative expression of the early 1960s.  Fluxus began with a loose-knit, cross-pollination of artists based in New York, Los Angeles, and Western Europe. Patterson embodies the ideologies and artistic practices of the collective which combines music, visual arts and performance. His iconic works include Paper Piece (1961) and Variations on Double Bass (1961).

Event Title
Date & Time
  • Mon. Nov 11, 6:30 pm
Benjamin Patterson discusses his exploration of the notion of systems
in art, music, and text.
Organized in conjunction with Graduate Student Association of NYU’s Institute of Fine Arts.
  • Sat. Nov 16, 2:45 pm
An exchange between artist and viewer in which the artist offers participants hats constructed from newspapers in exchange for an idea.
  • Sat. Nov 16, 1:00 pm
  • Sat. Nov 16, 4:00 pm
Pond is one of Patterson’s earliest action scores, written for nine performers and inviting the spectator to become participant
  • Tue. Nov 12, 8:00 pm
The first-ever retrospective concert of the Fluxus founder's “action as composition” works.