Lihe Xiao

Liha Xiao graduated from the Design Department of Shanghai Theatre Academy in 1987, and stayed on to teach, becoming the first female stage lighting designer in China. Xiao received a fellowship from Asian Cultural Council In 1995, and again in 2013 as a Cai Guo-Qiang Fellow of the Asian Cultural Council. In 2000, she entered Yale University School of Drama Design Department Master of Fine Art program, becoming the first Mainland Chinese student formally accepted by the school since 1949.

Xiao’s designs show both the richness of Eastern aesthetics, also reflects the rigor of the West. She is a cross-disciplinary lighting designer in both architecture and theatre field. Her extensive design credits include the opening and closing ceremony of the 9th Chinese Minority Games (Gui Zhou); the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games (Beijing); Multimedia performance Schwelle II (berlin); Dance Nomads: The River (New York); Musical Lao Jiu (Singapore); Drama End Game (Shanghai); Drama The Winter’s Tale (USA); Spring Awakening (USA); Kunqu Opera 1699 The Peach Blossom Fan (Nanjing); Dance Made In China/ Return Of The Soul (Jin Xing Dance Theatre); Drama Shang Yang (Shanghai); Dance Sister Drum (Hangzhou); Drama The Sprit Play; 100 Years of Waiting; Home (Singapore); Kunqu Opera The Peony Pavilion (Shanghai), among others. 

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Date & Time
  • Mon. Nov 4, 12:00 pm
  • Tue. Nov 5, 12:00 pm
  • Wed. Nov 6, 12:00 pm
  • Thu. Nov 7, 12:00 pm
  • Fri. Nov 8, 3:00 pm
  • Sat. Nov 9, 3:00 pm
  • Tue. Nov 12, 6:00 pm
Paradise Interrupted, a contemporary Kunqu opera that is a work in development, is presented as a three-part artist residency at the Performa Institute.