Pedro Reyes

Pedro Reyes (b. 1972) works on an expanded notion of sculpture that examines the cognitive contradictions of modern life and proposes surprising solutions that are simple and complex, metaphorical and functional. Informed by an array of references, his work addresses the interplay between physical and social space, making tangible the invisible geometry of interpersonal relationships and calling for political participation. Less interested in critiquing institutions, but rather in re-imagining them, Reyes uses art to encourage collective and individual agency and to establish a currency that can be applied to everyday practice in the face of human, political and ecological crisis. Reyes rose to international attention with projects such as Capulas (2002-10), Baby Marx (2009-present) Palas por Pistolas (2008-present) and Sanatorium (2011-present). In 2013, his work will also be on view at the Whitechapel Gallery and the Carnegie International. 

Event Title
Date & Time
  • Sat. Nov 23, 12:00 pm
  • Sun. Nov 24, 12:00 pm
A parallel, playful version of the United Nations in the artist's largest, most complex initiative for a New York City museum to date.
FREE with museum admission