Siri Rishi Kaur

Siri Rishi Kaur  This Avant Garde Yogini, grew up in an indigineous tribe of "Wisdom Keepers from Connecticut", and was exposed from early childhood to spirituality and the importance of understanding our "body temple" as our first church. She embarked on her yogic training 20 years ago, and hasn't turned back since. Siri Rishi, whose name means Great Yogi, blends Kundalini Yoga and sound healing medicine with the intuitive teachings of the lost schools of Egypt and the Divine Feminine practices of the Aquarian Age. She is a self initiated student of Kundalini Yoga taught by The Mahan Tantric Yogi Bhajan, All of the Elements, and other great teachers and lineages. Siri Rishi spent most of her New York City years as an actress in the theater, and it has been her long time vision to combine yogic arts with elements of theater to elevate the senses. She is the owner of Beloved Yogi Harlem and Rishi Retreats. When Siri Rishi is not teaching in New York City you can find her leading yoga retreats in her "home away from home" in Nosara, Costa Rica. 

Siri Rishi is in deep gratitude to Adrienne Edwards for inviting her to debut "The Free Seekers Collective" at Performa, as well as to Paramatma Siri Sadhana for sharing the vision of "Overnight Gongs" with her back in March 2013, and to Dharam Singh for sharing his beautiful Kundalini Gong wisdom through out the years. She is eternally grateful to all of the benevolent Souls that have participated in creating the first of many Motherships!

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  • Sat. Nov 9, 9:30 pm
The Free Seekers Collective presents an overnight sonic adventure to emanate beauty, restore balance, and create harmony.
Free with RSVP