The M6

The M6: Meredith Monk Music Third Generation is a New York based vocal ensemble comprised of Sasha Bogdanowitsch, Sidney Chen, Emily Eagen, Holly Nadal, Toby Newman and Peter Sciscioli.  The group formed under Monk’s guidance in 2008 after the individual members were selected for the Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble professional training workshop at the Weill Music Institute of Carnegie Hall in January 2006.  Among the first works learned were Tablet (1974/1976) for three female voices, piano and recorders, and Dolmen Music (1979) for three female voices, three male voices and cello- two examples of Monk’s first works for vocal ensemble. The M6 has performed extensively in Manhattan, been in residence at both Trinity College and Syracuse University, been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered and can be heard on Monk’s most recent recording, Songs of Ascension.

Event Title
Date & Time
  • Sat. Nov 2, 7:30 pm
Female vocalists demonstrate the range of the human voice through Extended Vocal Technique, bringing early pioneers and new practitioners to the stage. Featuring Joan La Barbara, Maja Ratkje and The M6: Meredith Monk Music Third Generation.