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It must have to do with her performances that I cannot decide whether Tori Wrånes becomes a loose cannon, that is to say, something totally unpredictable, or whether she produces her own canon of strangely familiar gestures in a new and surprising way. In any case, there is music in it all, though of a kind that could not care less about standard laws of expression. For Wrånes’ thing is the power of expression itself and this goes beyond what is at first visible. 

- Eva Meyer, writer and filmmaker based in Berlin.

Tori Wrånes works tabufree with the voice and sculpture: combining the two in her dynamic live performances. From a performance with sound on wheels in a Los Angeles parking space that included bodybuilders, cyclists, and accordion players on trolleys (SPIN ECHO, Art in the Parking Space, LAXART, 2012) to staging a surreal concert in a forest with Wrånes suspended from her hair alongside saw-playing musicians poised in the trees, her site-specific performances challenge audiences and the singer alike. Wrånes is investigating different ways to exist, allowing them to unfold. Her use of costumes, props, architecture, and sculpture deform her appearance and create new constellations.

In this presentation Wrånes talks about her use of voice and how she combines it with physical material. She shows videos and photos of her recent projects, discusses her daily life at the studio, and presents a short presentation of her Performa 13 Commission, YES NIX


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  • Tue. Nov 5, 1:00 pm
Wrånes talks about her use of voice and how she combines it with physical material to create atmospheric images searching for human electricity.

Free with RSVP