Courtesy On Stellar Rays, New York, Max Wigram Gallery, London and Aanant & Zoo, Berlin.

Athanasios Argianas Branching Music (Under The Trees, Above You)

12-5pm, every hour on the hour, 15 min duration.

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Branching Music (Under The Trees, Above You) focuses on gesture, using slide images as musical notation for a theremin. As photos of tree branches are projected onto a screen, a musician attempts to trace their outlines, creating musical articulations as the slideshow progresses. The resulting score is open-ended, determined by the musician’s improvisation according to the variations in the natural tree forms. 

Branching Music will be performed on the hour between 12-5pm, 15 min duration. Theremin will be played by Dalit Warshaw.

Presented by On Stellar Rays.

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  • Wed. Nov 6, 8:00 pm
Dream sequences by Surrealist filmmaker Luis Buñuel accompany this virtuoso pianist as he improvises an original score.