Still fromDer Kunstler und seine Welt. Kantor ist da, produced by Saarbrücken TV in cooperation with Dietrich Mahlow

Paweł Althamer Biba Performa: Documentary film about Tadeusz Kantor

Biba of Williamsburg, 110 Kent Ave, Brooklyn MAP

A screening of a documentary film about Tadeusz Kantor in conjunction with Cricoteka's Can Objects Perform? programme at the Performa Hub.

At the end of March and at the beginning of April 1968 the Tadeusz Kantor was in Nuremberg, where he organised three happenings (“A Conversation with a Rhinoceros”, “Die Grosse Emballage” and: “Rembrandt’s Anatomy Lesson”) to be shown in the film “Der Kunstler und seine Welt. Kantor ist da” produced by Saarbrücken TV in cooperation with Dietrich Mahlow from Kunsthalle in Nuremberg.

Tadeusz Kantor was one of the most significant Polish artists of the 20th century. He lived and worked in Kraków. He was born 1915 in Wielopole Skrzynskie and died in Kraków in 1990.  Along with his work as a visual artist, he was also involved in the performing arts: he is regarded as a pioneering theatre reformer, influenced by the ideas of avant-garde artists. Kantor was particularly interested in destroying the illusion created by the classical theatre; he set out to do away with the distance generated between the audience and the on-stage situation by opening up the theatre to ‘real life’. In doing this, he joined the ranks of those 20th-century artists who proclaimed and practised the concept of open art; art transgressing all boundaries. In the course of his world-wide tours with his Cricot 2 Theatre group (originally set up in the mid-1950s), Tadeusz Kantor became world-famous during the 1970s.

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  • Tue. Nov 19, 6:30 pm
Paweł Althamer and his collaborators will be dedicating their monumental sculpture Queen Mother of Reality to all mothers displaced from their homes. Join them for a ceremonial evening of feasting, dancing and performance.
  • Thu. Nov 14, 5:00 pm
A special evening of dinner, talks, and performances at Biba Performa featuring artists who work with light, fire, projections and sound.
  • Thu. Nov 7, 5:00 pm
A barbecue to celebrate the inauguration of Queen Mother of Reality
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  • Sat. Nov 2, 12:00 pm
Althamer builds connections between Williamsburg's many residents as all are invited to join in his conviviality and revelry at the Biba bar.