David Antonio Cruz, TAKEABITE, 2012, film still. Courtesy of the artist.

David Antonio Cruz TAKEABITE: The Opera

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Featuring live performance in El Museo’s historic Heckscher Theater, The Opera will recreate the multi-layered audio from the video TAKEABITE;elduendealwaystravels…light by artist David Antonio Cruz. The Opera will feature the three main performers, Elia Alba, Mickalene Thomas and Daivd Antonio Cruz in full costume, backed by orchestra, choir, jazz and soprano singers, fourteen actors, and a special effects sound mixer. The video, TAKEABITE is a dark and humorous attempt at exploring migration, gluttony, and the consumption of the American dream. Inspired by Lorca’s essay on the duende, Vidal’s The City and The Pillar, Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room, and 1950’s sitcoms. The costumes are influenced by 1950’s couture, Victorian clothing, and the television show Leave It To Beaver. Filmed at Monet’s Gardens in Giverny, France and in Brooklyn, New York.

Commissioned by El Museo del Barrio with additional funds courtesy of Franklin Furnace.



Following TakeABite, join La Bienal 2013 artist Risa Puno for the final countdown to the destruction of her work in the exhibition, a hand-made piñata in the form of a giant disco ball, filled with objects created by the other artists in La Bienal 2013.