Eleanor Bauer. Photo by Danny Williams.

Eleanor Bauer BAUER HOUR

Bowery Poetry Club, 308 Bowery MAP

BAUER HOUR is a talk show, variety show, shit show, parlor show, cabaret show... A space and time for whatever seems most important now and not later. An occasion to practice the unknown, to share the musings and amusings that decorate life and need a place to go at night so they don't cause insomnia, a container for the things that end with "you heard it here first." BAUER HOUR is not about Bauer, it's all about the guests… within the ruckus frame of Bauer, of course. Everybody has a story so let's hear it, and talk is cheap so let's spend it. Small talk, medium talk, big talk, trash-talk, pillow talk, hard talk, shop talk, walk talk, fake talk, real talk, straight talk, curly talk, sideways talk, and backwards talk. No talk is also an option for special guests who prefer dance or pantomime. BAUER HOUR is a fixed quantity aimed at maximum quality - quality time, of course, of an hour. 

BAUER HOUR is an ongoing monthly performance series at Kaaitheater in Brussels, Belgium where Eleanor Bauer is an artist in residence. For Performa 13, Eleanor Bauer will mount a special poetry-themed BAUER HOUR at the newly renovated Bowery Poetry Club, with musical guest and partner in crime Chris Peck, bringing together BAUER HOUR and PECK SEC for rhymes, riffs, and alliterated rants.   

BAUER HOUR is a Performa Project. Curated by Lana Wilson.


Event Title
Date & Time
  • Fri. Nov 1, 12:00 pm
  • Sat. Nov 2, 12:00 pm
  • Sun. Nov 3, 12:00 pm
An homage to the legendary dance vocabulary of Merce Cunningham in the newest edition of Musée de la Danse.
With MoMA admission
  • Sun. Nov 10, 9:00 pm
Two evenings of poetry, cabaret interventions, and impromptu performances celebrating the singular Fernando Arrabal.
  • Sat. Nov 2, 8:00 pm
  • Sun. Nov 3, 5:00 pm
A raucous and funny performance investigating the relationship between dance and masculinity.