In Tones from Light to Dark A Concert

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In Tones From Light to Dark presents four radically different vocal styles and performances that represent the meeting of avant-garde and pop sensibility. From Jenny Hval’s experimental pop; Stine Motland & C. Spencer Yeh’s collaborative take on Extended Vocal Technique to Attila Cshar’s drone-metal Void ov Voices, this sampler of a concert celebrates the myriad shades of the human voice and the varying degrees to which it can be used, from Bel Canto harmonizing to "Death Growl."

In Tones From Light to Dark is a Performa Project co-curated by Mark Beasley and Lasse Marhaug (musician and music curator at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo, Norway). Part of the Norwegian Pavilion Without Walls.


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