Julie Tolentino, THE SKY REMAINS THE SAME: Ron Athey’s Self Obliteration # 1, 2011. Performance. Photo: Thomas Qualmann

Julie Tolentino “The Sky Remains the Same”: How Do You Map the Sky?

New Museum Theater, 235 Bowery at Prince St. MAP
$6; free for New Museum Members

“The Sky Remains the Same”: How Do You Map the Sky?

A discussion with Julie Tolentino, Lia Gangitano, Joshua Lubin-Levy, Sarah Schulman explores how the elements and processes of “The Sky Remains the Same” have been defined to date. The long-term future of the project will also be considered as it relates to the disintegration of bodies as authoring subjects and bodies as impermanent archives, while also placing Tolentino’s work in a larger context of archives relating to performance and records of bodies in action. A discussion of the archiving of works by Lovett/Codagnone will be accompanied by a premiere screening of The Sky Remains the Same: The Archive of Lovett/Codagnone’s “Closer” (1999-2005) and/or “For You” (2003), a work on video that proposes the camera as a catalyst and intermediary for archiving performance by multiple bodies into/onto the body of one person.


Julie Tolentino: “The Sky Remains the Same” (2008–ongoing)
Exploring the body's potential as both a medium and container of record, Julie Tolentino’s “The Sky Remains the Same” invites select collaborators to choose a work from their own performance history to archive into/onto the artist’s body. Anchored by individual contracts between Tolentino and the subjects of her archiving interest (who include Ron Athey, Franko B, David Dorfman, David Rousseve, and Lovett/Codagnone), each iteration of “The Sky Remains the Same” necessarily redefines the elements and processes for archiving a performance into/onto the body of another. This work produces a map of body-specific, contextual, and practical differences between each performance and its archive. Perhaps the contents of performance archives should not be valued for how closely they resemble the thing they seek to preserve, but for their fidelity to delineate difference. For more information, visit julietolentino.com.

Julie Tolentino will archive three works selected for her by the artists Lovett/Codagnone, presented as part of a residency for “The Sky Remains the Same,” November 11–24 at the New Museum. The archiving process for this particular group of works is constituted by a series of open studios, panels, and public performances.

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  • Sat. Nov 23, 3:00 pm
Lovett/Codagnone’s “WEIGHTED” is executed here in its authorized archival form as a durational repetition of the same score, performed in sequential pairings by John Lovett, Alessandro Codagnone, Julie Tolentino, and Stosh Fila. A discussion with the artists follows the performance, moderated by Joshua Lubin-Levy and Travis Chamberlain.