Nicholas Hlobo, Amaqanda’am, 2007.

Nicholas Hlobo Zinintsi izinto ezimayela nam endingazaziyo

Abrons Arts Center, 466 Grand St MAP

Rescheduled: Due to a health emergency, we will be rescheduling ZININTSI IZINTO EZIMAYELA NAM ENDINGAZAZIYO. New dates will be announced after the biennial.

For Performa 13, South African artist Nicholas Hlobo, accompanied by a drummer and a guitarist, will present an operatic performance sung by the artist in Xhosa, a tonal language spoken largely in the Eastern Cape province. In silence, a gigantic stylized cocoon descends on stage. Dressed in pristine-white, intricately embroidered robes, Hlobo emerges and begins his solemn chant, enveloping the space with song and interweaving with two accompanying musicians: a guitarist and percussionist. On a background screen are projected personal photos of Hlobo’s family, images of his baroque works and installations, and video clips of the overwhelming and fastpaced city of Johannesburg. A poetic text superimposed on the slideshow addresses South African racial and gender contemporary politics, with the artist inserting his very personal experiences in this narrative.

A Performa Commission.


Generously supported by the Rolex Institute and Founding Director's Circle member Wendy Fisher.

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