Photo by Mark Blower.

Eddie Peake Artist Class

Performa Hub, 13 Crosby Street MAP
Free with RSVP

Eddie Peake develops gallery-based performances in which the relationships between an ensemble are made palpable through a series of choreographed gestures and interactions. Developing his work in collaboration with his performers, Peake creates episodic performances in which bodies might switch between being seen as sculptural objects or complex human subjects, and in which emotions such as desire, jealousy, shame, or power are played out using surreal or unexpected signifiers such as colored body paints or animal costumes. Peake’s Performa Institute class gives an in-depth presentation of his work to contextualize his Performa 13 performance.


Event Title
Date & Time
  • Thu. Nov 14, 9:00 pm
A series of evocative tableaux vivants and choreographed gestures explore the politics of the displayed body.