Photo by Anthony Rodriguez

Terry Adkins Sacred Order of Twilight Brothers

Performa Hub, 13 Crosby St MAP

For Performa 13, Terry Adkins, Blanche Bruce, and the Lone Wolf Recital Corps present Last Trumpet for brass and 4 Akrhaphones and Nobody Knows My Name for brass, voice, and percussion. Adkins is an interdisciplinary artist and musician known for engaging with unheralded biographical narratives through installation based experiences called ”recitals.” His artistic approach is similar to that of a composer, and his installations are conceived as scores, creating interplay among pieces in different media. For decades Adkins has invented musical instruments, including immense eighteen-foot tall horns called Akrhaphones, which are featured in his Performa program. Born in 1953, Adkins grew up deeply invested in visual art, music and language. He emerged in the early-80’s in his native Washington D.C., where he began making installations and reconstructing instruments to accompany his simultaneous practice as a musician. Playing woodwinds, contrabass, pocket trumpet, and electronics, Adkins was a charter member of Harmolodica with Yahya Abdul-Majid and collaborated with Sherman Fleming (aka Rod Force)  in his AFRO (Anti Formalist Reclamation Organization).

Since moving to New York in 1982, Adkins has performed with Butch Morris, Jemeel Moondoc, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Julius Hemphill, and Don Byron, among others. During a yearlong residency in Zurich in 1986, Adkins and his cohort Blanche Bruce founded the multimedia performance collaborative the Lone Wolf Recital Corps that continues to stage emblematic concert performances. Activating his sculptures with sound, Adkins engages and re- enacts the revised stories he assigns to history. His recital Nenuphar is currently on view at Salon 94 Bowery and Freemans through January 11, 2014.

Terry Adkins - Conductor, Pocket Trumpet, voice, percussion
Vincent Chancey - Akrhaphone, French Horn, voice, percussion
Marshall Sealy - Akrhaphone, French Horn, voice, percussion
Dick Griffin - Akrhaphone, Trombone, voice, percussion
Kiane Zawadi - Akrhaphone, Euphonium, voice percussion
Blanche Bruce voice, percussion

Curated by Adrienne Edwards.