Karen Mirza and Brad Butler, Museum of Non Participation, performance still, 2013.

Karen Mirza and Brad Butler The Museum of Non Participation: The Guest of Citation

Museum of Arts and Design, 2 Columbus Circle

For Performa 13 and in conjunction with Cheat Out to the Audience: Risk & Reward 2013, the Museum of Arts and Design has commissioned London-based artists Karen Mirza and Brad Butler to present The Museum of Non Participation: The Guest of a Citation–an installment of the artists’ fictional museum and ongoing body of work that confronts (non) participation and the socio-political in art works.

Mirza and Butler invite local residents to work within the Museum of Non Participation to create and intervene in the Brechtian short “learning” play, “The Exception and the Rule.” The “rule” referred to in the title implies a legal language or a directive, while the “exception” evokes being ungovernable, or searching for an alternative to either the state or the free market. Together, they suggest that the rule cannot exist without the exception; the terms also pose a question as to what qualifies as a state of exception.

Through the story of a merchant and his servant, “The Exception and the Rule” explores themes of capital and petropolitics, labor and hierarchy, and legislation and state ideology. Mirza and Butler invite you to attend, and to explore and enact how these themes play out in our daily lives. You are encouraged to enter into the play with a spirit of mutual enrichment and collaboration, wherein personal experiences/expertise and collective interpretation ultimately converge in a public performance.

Please visit museumofnonparticipation.org for more information.