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If written text is the first generation of virtual reality, radio plays are part of second-generation virtual realities, fostering different imaginative leaps and foregrounding the spectral presence of the voice. The Transmitter Show – Words At a Distance engages both these levels. It consists of a book of scripts for radio plays, commissioned from artists and writers, and the transmission of these plays on the radio.
Contributing artists  are Alex Bailey, Pierre Bismuth & Dessislava Dimova, Kristin Tårnesvik & Espen Sommer Eide, Kim Hiorthøy & Lisa Östberg, Jugedamos, Krõõt Juurak, Tija Suttikul,Michael Alexander Vizsolyi and Bedwyr Williams. 
Welcome to the book launch  at Cabinet November 15 with performance by Espen Sommer Eide and Kristin Tårnesvik.

The Transmitter Show – Words At a Distance is edited by Aaron Schuster and Anne Szefer Karlsen in collaboration with Hordaland Art Centre, Bergen, Norway. Aaron Schuster is a writer and philosopher. He teaches at the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, and is a research fellow at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry Berlin. Anne Szefer Karlsen is a curator and currently the Director of Hordaland Art Centre.



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