UNCONSCIOUS MEDIA (Experiments in Intermedial Activism) Live Web Conference / Performance

Whitebox Art Center, 329 Broome St MAP

A trans-continental broadcast experiment in Intermedial Activism; a web-conference that brings together a diverse group of experts, artists, and performers to explore the fields of digital media and quantum activism. Live online broadcast includes four city feeds — New York, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Bogotá — displayed simultaneously on a giant multi-screen featuring live performances, digital art, discussion segments, audience participation, and social media feeds from live cameras or by messaging in chat rooms.

Unconscious Media will feature artists Raul Marroquin, participating from a clandestine location in Amsterdam, and Ellen K. Levy, teleconferencing from Copenhagen as well as early media pioneer Hans Breder. Additional contributors include art philosopher, Herman Rapaport, and digital expert Igor Molochevski. Special performances include Caridad Botella, Yolanda Duarte, and Carlos Cuellar Brown.


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Date & Time
  • Sun. Nov 3, 11:00 am
Over the course of nineteen days, spectators will experience the evolution of seminal Electro Pop legend YELLO, precursor of MusicVideo.