Vishal Jugdeo, A Shaky Picture Has No Weight, Installation. Courtesy of Thomas Solomon Gallery and the artist.

Vishal Jugdeo A Shaky Picture Has No Weight

Abrons Arts Center, 466 Grand St MAP

In his videos, Vishal Jugdeo utilizes repetition, restaging and doubling as narrative devices, exploring how these might lead to slippages in translation and meaning. For Performa Jugdeo will create an event in which the live and the recorded will unfold simultaneously within a constructed theatrical set and viewing environment. The work will center around a series of projected cinematic fragments, filmed within the lush Caribbean landscape and urban spaces of British Guyana, as well as in the artist's home in Los Angeles, through a series of vignettes performed by the artist and his boyfriend. As the two locations become overlaid with one another, the principle characters engage in an abstract, fragmented discussion on topics of movement, travel, motion, and orientation, which are delivered in a hyperbolic and melodramatic soap opera style. The theatrical environment features mechanized props, sound and light, which disrupts the action on the screen, adding a sense of absurdity and fervor to the narrative, whilst also creating occasional moments of highly choreographed, synchronous clarity, stillness and humor.

A Performa Project curated by Summer Guthery.

Watch an interview with Vishal Jugdeo and David Shing on Huffington Post



Generously supported by Champions of Culture - Justin Gilyani & Heather Harmon - and Thomas Solomon Gallery.

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  • Sat. Nov 16, 12:00 am
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