Artist class with Ragnar Kjartansson at the Performa Institute, 2011. Photo by Paula Court.

About Performa Institute

The Performa Institute provides a platform for the research and educational components of the biennial. At The Hub during the biennial, the Performa Institute will create a space for the research, exploration, and presentation of ideas with a focus on the study of art history and forging a new intellectual culture around contemporary performance.

The Institute asks Performa 13 artists, as well as curators and writers, to function as educators across disciplines, from exhibition-making, to historical research, to visions for the future of art and ideas in New York City and around the world. Within the context of the Performa 13 biennial, they will explore historical and research themes including Citizenship, The Voice, and Surrealism. The Performa Institute is organized by Adrienne Edwards, Associate Curator.

Performa Insititute is generously supported by