The Performa 09 and Performa 11 Hubs, designed by nOffice (Miessen Pflugfelder Nilsson).

The Hub

Performa Hub 
13 Crosby Street, New York, NY 10013

Open seven days a week, 12  - 7 pm beginning November 1st

The Performa Hub is a three-dimensional realization of the conceptual under-pinnings of the organization that functions as Performa’s headquarters during the biennial. Studio Miessen’s Performa Hub is conceived as a linear space that attempts to condense all programmatic elements in a single discursive arena. It is a truly live space capable of responding to the constantly shifting functional demands of the biennial. As Performa’s central meeting place for discussion, information, and ticketing, the Hub consists of a library and bookshop, a large-scale public co-working table, performance and screening area, an exhibition space and a classroom. It further allows for press conferences, solo concerts, public conversations, and is home to the classes, experiments, and residencies that make up the Performa Institute. The Performa team, artists, and volunteers will be on hand to answer questions, provide recommendations, and offer insights into Performa 13. Plan to come early and stay late in this pop-up venue in the heart of SoHo.

The Performa 13 Hub is designed by Studio Miessen (Markus Miessen, Diogo Passarinho, Márk Redele, Yulia Starsev, Aimee Burnett and Sophie Burgees).