Consulate General of Spain in New York City

Consulate General of Spain in New York City

150 E 58th St # 30
New York, NY 10155-3097
Tel. (212) 355-4080


The Government of Spain - through the Cultural Department of the Consulate General of Spain in New York City, and the network of organizations supporting Spain's culture and language promotes culture and art, and strives to strengthen bilateral cultural, artistic and academic exchanges.

Spanish-American cultural cooperation aims to create multiple links between the creative sectors of both countries and promote Spain's contemporary creative and artistic expressions. This cultural network also presents many art programs - featuring dance, music, visual arts, literature, humanities, architecture, and design - in a variety of venues, also in collaboration with relevant American entities throughout New York City.

All cultural and artistic activities are supported by the Spanish Government in the US aiming to emphasize on diverse opinions and multiple forms of expression in line with Spain's own diversity in language, creativity and unique cultural heritage.

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