“This piece is not about dance history, it’s about the history of people dancing.”

ArtInfo shares highlights from Ryan McNamara's Performa Institute talk about his Commission, MEƎM: A Story Ballet about the Internet.

“At over 75-minutes long, Premiere insists you confront your 21st century hyper-stimulation.”

Still thinking about Maria Hassabi's Premiere? Here are the Dance Enthusiast's impressions.

“Observing the making of bird nests explores how an object comes into the world.”

Artlyst takes Peter and Andy Holden's Performa Institute class, "Lecture on Nesting".

“If day-to-day objects can be my art, day-to-day cooking can be my art too.”

The Gallerist recounts feasting on Subodh Gupta's art.

“What I try to do is open people’s minds, ears, and eyes”

Benjamin Patterson in conversation with Interview Magazine about his iconic work and the legacy of Fluxus.

“Human beings are very narrative creatures”

Alexandre Singh talks to BOMBLOG about novels, narrative, and the challenges that a visual artist faces in putting on a classical play.

“almost every incremental change — of posture, of focus, of lighting — feels momentous.”

The New York Times reviews Maria Hassabi's Premiere.

“We’re going to have the world premiere of the grasshopper burger”

Pedro Reyes discusses his People's UN with The Huffington Post - from geo-engineering to the protein of the future.

“I’m exploring uncertainty, black swans, unknowns”

The Huffington Post delves into Agnieszka Kurant's alternate universe "where erased humans are given a second chance".

“The thief turns out to be a very poetic, even romantic type”

ArtInfo has a surreal encounter at Bedwyr Williams's Break-In.

“‘Dutchman’ suggests that race is present all around us, as real and invisible as heat.”

The FT gives 5 stars to Rashid Johnson's Dutchman.

ARTINFO interviews Rashid Johnson about the desire & logistics behind setting his play in the Baths

"My first introduction to LeRoi Jones was when my mother used to read me the Dead Lecturer poems when I was a kid." Read the full interview here.

The FT on the captivating stillness and movement in Maria Hassabi’s “Premiere”

"Knees shook and rubber-soled shoes squeaked with every effort to move more slowly than the body would allow." Read more here.

The WSJ reviews Ed Fornieles’s reality TV-inspired “semi-fictional” benefit at the New Museum

"As the night went on, it became more difficult to tell who was a performer. There were many performers, but seemingly not many guests. Or were Mr. Fornieles's directives just that good?" Read more here.

Subodh Gupta is cooking the “kind of food [you find] in your mother’s home” this week.

Read about his sparkling "chandelier-like installation" and other Performa highlights on Businessweek.

Art in America on feeling the heat in Rashid Johnson’s Performa Commission, “Dutchman”

"The sizzling setting literalizes the play's searing sexual and racial tensions and invokes the atmosphere of the un-air-conditioned subway cars of the 1960s." Read the full feature here.

Download Ricardo Seiça Salgado’s Playing Performa for your ride home from your next Perfroma event

"Playing PERFORMA 13 is an experimentation on sound collage; a brain cell working on Performance Art; a body feeling the performance pieces; a sound collapsing possible interpretations of a state of mind; analysis of selected productions or, when possible, interviews with artists and experts (or maybe just with passers-by)."

Residency Unlimited takes Katarzyna Krakowiak’s tour through the James A Farley Post Office

"The installation guides visitors through a typically closed route of empty rooms and corridors across the building where past and present sounds of the postal service mechanisms and processes are performed, revealing the fascinating history of the spaces."

How might one go about “collecting” performance art?

"Find an idea that you love, and hold onto it." - RoseLee Goldberg in conversation with Opening Ceremony about all things performance and Performa.

The Daily Beast published some of the Performa team’s suggestions of must-see performances

But of course, we recommend everything! Stop by the Hub at 13 Crosby St for personalized suggestions throughout the Biennial. See The Daily Beast list here.

“The great thing about fashion is that it’s not that super important.”

Rainer Ganahl talked politics through fashion at White Columns this week. Read about it on the Gallerist and head over to Oak blog for images.

See Performa the NYU students’ way

"The performance-installation-Polish-kids-bedroom thing promises to change daily and be really, really loud."

“The Month Performance Art Took Over New York City”

Don't miss a single image, event or tweet this Biennial! Follow along on The Huffington Post's Performa 13 live blog for the latest on everything Performa.

Did you miss the bus for Philippe Quesne’s Bivouac last weekend?

Imagine the experience you might have had through this piece on ArtInfo's In the Air blog

Not sure who to see at Performa 13?

Artspace rounds up their 11 favorite artists to watch.

“Time to buy some fresh pens and notebooks.”

The Performa Institute is now open at the Hub with an exciting lineup of artist classes, talks and experiments.


“Things not being what they seem or purport to be, is a theme running through Performa”

The WSJ's Performa 13 picks each feature elements of surprise.

Zeena Schreck on storms, spirituality and her sonic ritual performance for Performa 13

"The storm serves as metaphor for the chaotic and impermanent world we live in."

Opening night? The artists? The Hub?

ARC Magazine gives a full overview of who's who and what's what at Performa 13.

Performa 13: What Not To Miss

BlackBook's biennial recommendations are here to "help you whittle down the offerings from [Performa's] ample buffet of performance art."

“During dessert there was a shouting choir with dozens of members, the Last Course Chorus”

Art in America Magazine

“Performance art, past and present” in the New Yorker

From John Zorn's attic to Ryan McNamara's YouTube views, The New Yorker delves into New York City's rich history of performance.

“One has to be aware of the plight of bees.”

Joan Jonas discusses politics, poetry, performance and process with The Huffington Post

“Performa: Performance art for the people”


Hyperallergic publishes Surrealist Reader highlights

Hyperallergic presents excerpts from Performa's Surrealist Reader: our guide to some of the best writing on the Surrealist movement in preparation for Performa 13.

The Humans opens in Rotterdam

Our friends at the Witte de With will premiere The Humans by Performa Commission artist Alexandre Singh. 

Read more about Alexandre Singh as part of Performa 13 at BAM.

Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art

Great review of Radical Presence at The Studio Museum in Harlem and Grey Art Gallery! Catch it and get ready for the live performances that will be part of our "biennial performance extravaganza"

Click here to read on..

How to Become a Curator

How to Become a Curator. RoseLee Goldberg, http://m.complex.com/art-design/2013/09/how-to-become-a-curator/roselee-goldberg